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Expand your market reach and generate leads that are genuine and increase the number of customers you serve with our B2B Telesales services.

A staff of highly trained personnel with modest, but effective methods of telemarketing can propel your company to new levels. If that’s the kind of thing you require then do what the majority of smart firms do: outsourcing B2B sales services through VirtualUX. VirtualUX has the right personnel who understand the best way to ensure that your investment is effectively managed.

VirtualUX is a top B2B sales telesales company in the marketplace. Our dedicated telesales support team, unique strategies for conversion, and 24-hour customer support allow you to increase your business quickly. Our agents for telesales are always working to meet their targets and build the conversion rate. Our team of experts devises an appropriate strategy for your company to help you increase sales leads and event promotion and building the brand’s image.

B2B Telesales Solution We Follow

As a reputable B2B Telesales service provider company We provide an array of services to satisfy all requirements of our customers in telemarketing. Our services include:

  • Bilingual Agents

    Additionally, we have a group of agents who speak two languages, which makes your company more adaptable and responsive to the needs of your customers and their preference for their language.

  • Virtual Receptionist

    Employ a virtual receptionist using our B2B sales services and be confident of having your appointment organized by our tele-assistants. All calls will be answered in the most professional manner.

  • Help Desk Services

    Insurance services institutions, educational institutions travel and tourism, information technology, and many other service-oriented industries frequently receive calls to explain signing up for services. Our skilled tele-callers will significantly ease your burden by offering these services for calls that are inbound.

  • Technical Support Services

    Each company has its own set of rules and guidelines with regard to technical support. Our highly trained teams are trained to understand all aspects that pertain to technology in your company in order to offer solutions to your most difficult technical challenges.

  • Lead-response Management

    Our tools for communication are current and efficient, so once leads have been generated they are followed up with a prompt follow-up. The prompt response increases the chances of conversion and creates an excellent image for the company as being responsive and attentive towards their clients.

  • Event Promotion, Reservation, and Booking Services

    Organizing an event isn’t an easy undertaking, particularly when it comes down to calling potential guests personally to confirm their presence. Our team personalizes invitations with relevant information regarding the event in order to boost participation at the event.

  • Inbound and Outbound B2B Telesales Services

    Our highly experienced team of phone-callers are trained to know the business of your company and set monthly goals, which guarantee an excellent ROI to your company. They make the effort to learn about the prospect they are targeting and then create a custom pitch that increases conversion ratios.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

B2B Telesales Process We Follow

  • Company Analysis

    We know the company’s requirements in terms of scope, audience as well as other pertinent details. Based on this, we develop strategies for content and communication.

  • Delegating a Dedicated Team

    When the reputation for the company has been established the group consisting of B2B Telesales executives are selected by their knowledge of the field of their company.

  • Setting Goals and Calling

    Short-term goals are identified to the company to guarantee a noticeable transformation of the brand, as well as implementing a clear strategy to reach the larger objectives. The team at Telesales begins the process with the goal in the back of their minds.

  • Follow-up with prospects

    Contacting prospects on a regular basis isn’t enough. In keeping the ever-growing market in our mind, we frequently contact potential customers to ensure they are converted.

  • Collecting Lead Response

    When the objective is set and responses start flooding in, it’s crucial to respond swiftly. Our team is sure that the potential for every lead is assessed and that the response is quick.

  • Goal Revision

    The results are analyzed, and a more ambitious target is established for the next month using a revised plan, with the goal of achieving better outcomes.

  • 100% Confidential

    The company’s strategy and goals, leads, and other information about prospective customers for your company are protected by our B2B sales solutions team.

Why choose VirtualUX To Outsource B2B Telesales Services?

VirtualUX is Pakistan’s most reputable B2B Telesales Service provider and continues to provide top services to clients around the globe.

  • Personalized Every Call

    Our expert team is skilled in establishing a relationship with the client so that the prospective client feels comfortable with us. This can lead to the prospect to become an exciting lead.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We are a company that believes in providing the highest quality B2B sales services to our customers. We offer top-quality services at an affordable cost. We assure you that the leads we generate are authentic and have a greater chance of converting.

  • Powerful Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is to enable B2B Telesales without breaking your budget. We provide our sales team with the latest technology and reliable network to conduct smoothly sales calls.

  • Converting a “no” “yes”

    Our B2B sales group is equipped with numerous methods to convert oppositions into approvals. Our primary goal for the company is to offer your brand the opportunity to grow.

  • Goal Sheets

    The strictness of our targets makes us more effective, transparent and focused on goals. We aim to update our targets each month to ensure that leads are created and you earn greater returns on your investment.

  • Verification of Data and Quality Check

    Data is extremely fluid and constantly changing. It is crucial in the world of sales to have your data correct, or else you’re knocking on the wrong doors. We guarantee constant cleaning and validation. This reduces the chance of errors and provides higher quality outcomes.

  • Safe and reliable

    If you decide to sign up with us, we both agree to a secure and reliable relationship. We are pleased to be a dependable B2B telecom sales company that is focused on providing the highest quality services to its customers. We have developed procedures and protocols to ensure the absolute privacy of your sales information.

Outsource After Hours Call Center Services to VirtualUX – Leader in Call Center Solutions

Our open and honest approach to work and the speed at which we meet deadlines make us the top provider of B2B telesales in Pakistan. With over two years of experience in telemarketing, our team is continuously expanding, becoming better, and is admired by clients across the globe. As a reliable B2B Telesales service provider, we are committed to maintaining top quality in the delivery of leads to clients and maintaining a 100 percent accuracy rate, which makes our company the most preferred option for B2B sales services.

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