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Prioritize the needs of your customers, add value to your product/service, and revolutionize sales.

Smarketing Combining sales and marketing has become a fad in business strategies and operations. Inbound sales are one of the most popular and effective methods to convert marketing prospects into sales customers. Inbound sales are based on the belief that sellers solve problems first and then make money later.

VirtualUX has a wealth of experience in analyzing and studying consumer buying behavior. This allows us to develop inbound sales processes that are flexible to the consumer’s journey. VirtualUX is the best inbound service provider and can help you improve your sales processes.

Our Specialized Inbound Sales Services

VirtualUX inbound sales services are specialized and include identifying customer pain points and engaging them with our clients’ products to ensure maximum benefits. Our solutions are comprehensive and one of Pakistan’s most trusted inbound sales companies. Our services are classified into the following categories:

  • Inbound Sales Enablement

    We offer a comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions that combine your existing sales process with modern marketing strategies and technological innovations to create an intelligent inbound selling process.

  • Inbound Sales Training

    VirtualUX team of expert trainers can help you make inbound sales an integral part of your business operations with our staff augmentation or training services. We can help you create a sales training program in your company and determine the metrics to enable practical performance analysis.

  • Inbound Sales Strategy and Consulting

    We offer a range of services and solutions to analyze your sales funnel to help you with lead generation, prospect identification, and opportunity valuation. Based on our reviews, you can get help to create a highly focused inbound marketing strategy that will achieve your business goals.

  • Development of Inbound Sales Processes

    VirtualUX believes that each channel’s objectives should focus on a sales template. VirtualUX can help your brand build B2B and B2C sales by helping you set the right goals, follow the right approach, and achieve the right performance level.

  • Automated Lead Generation

    You can forget about the inefficient, impractical, and time-consuming methods of generating leads. Our inbound sales services package will automate the process of lead generation and allow you to have a first personal interaction with prospective customers. You can leave a lasting impression with no need to lift a finger.

  • CRM Setup and Use

    Inbound sales are built on customer relationships. CRM is a vital tool to manage these relationships. Our team of experts can assist you in setting up, training, and using CRMs such as HubSpot, Nimble, and Salesforce.

  • Smart Sales Tools Integration

    You can still use automation in every step of your sales process, regardless of whether you decide to do so. We can help you integrate the best tools for your business, such as those that analyze lead capacities create email sequences and sales templates.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

Our Inbound Sales Process

Here’s how we manage our inbound sales services.

  • Sales Process Auditing

    The first step is to conduct a thorough audit of your sales process and identify the technologies involved. Next, we will evaluate the marketing bridge needed to integrate them with the strategy.

  • Requirement Analysis and Problem Identification

    This step allows us to identify the problem, such as information gaps with customers, content anomalies, or design anomalies. We use this information to index your inbound marketing requirements.

  • Implementation of Inbound Methodology

    Next, we will focus on the implementation of the inbound strategy to bridge gaps with customers and build lasting relationships. We also ensure that the marketing tools are aligned with the sales goals.

  • Development and/or Optimization of Sales Processes

    Inbound sales is a process we develop that complements the strategy. It can be created from scratch or optimized from your existing process.

  • Training and Set-Ups

    We will help you create an efficient CRM that aligns with your business goals based on the above inbound sales strategy. Training phases follow this.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Inbound Sales Services to VirtualUX

Several vital factors support VirtualUX inbound services. These key factors and our skilled team have allowed us to achieve the worldwide recognition and accolades we enjoy today. These key factors are what make us different:

  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing Options

    Our high-performance and highly efficient inbound sales services are available at very affordable rates. It will increase your sales and revenue without breaking the bank.

  • SMarketing Approach to Sales Solutions

    A well-integrated approach, aligned plans, and combined goals between marketing and sales have proven the best way to achieve success. VirtualUX has a proven track record of using Smarketing techniques. We can offer multiple sales solutions and reach several milestones together.

  • Rapid Returns

    We have two years of industry experience, which has helped us achieve fantastic turn-around times, ROI durations, and overall efficiency. Our team is efficient in implementing inbound sales strategies and obtaining faster returns from the market.

  • Airtight Sales Channels

    The security and productivity of the inbound sales channels that we create for our clients are paramount to us. You can be confident in our services’ confidentiality, exclusivity, and cost-savings.

  • Ancillary inbound sales services

    Developing a sales process or setting up the right CRM and tools may not be enough. We offer additional services depending on your business needs, such as sales material design and creation, pipeline management, and instructional review and analysis.

Outsource Inbound Sales Services To VirtualUX

Inbound sales offer massive potential for improvement. Businesses often fail to recognize an essential piece of the sales puzzle, the buyers. VirtualUX, an inbound services company, helps you curate the perfect combination of sales and marketing techniques for your target buyers.

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