E-commerce Lead Generation Services

Is your web portal attracting sales leads who aren’t interested in your product? Is your lead magnet losing its charm fastly? Are potential e-commerce buyers losing interest in your targeted offers? If yes, an e-commerce lead generation solution can save you and your customers from falling for the competition.

VirtualUX has been trusted by more than 100 e-commerce companies. We constantly invent to increase your sales leads and opportunities by offering more ways for you to select leads that convert quickly to your customers. You can choose from a variety of niche leads based on your industry, location, revenue, title, and so forth. It is possible to import valid contact details into your CRM so that you can start sales conversations anywhere.

E-Commerce Lead Generation Services We Offer

Our lead generation tools can be used both manually and automatically. The best of both worlds is combined perfectly to reduce the buying cycle and increase the potential for securing a great deal. The manual lead generation strategy allows you to personalize customer engagement by being flexible and creative.

  • Demand Generation Marketing for E-Commerce

    It’s easier to market when your audience knows what you offer. We can help you with this. We are a leading e-commerce lead generator service in India and can help you build demand for your product or service at a low cost. Our demand generation service can help you increase your online presence and make you more visible in untapped markets by delivering high-quality B2C communications. We can create a 10X better and more segmented lead list using publicly available data. It allows us to drive awareness through targeted multichannel communications. To get the attention of those interested, we send out mailers, emails, and promotions.

  • B2C Lead Generation for E-Commerce

    It is not easy to cultivate a lead list. You will need to quickly assess the sales-worthiness of leads to qualify them through the various stages of lead generation. VirtualUX has various lead evaluation tools that will help you understand the benefits of lead nurturing. Our team includes experienced agents and AI/ML-powered lead filtering tools to help you focus on leads with buying intent.

  • B2C Campaign Tracking Reporting E-Commerce

    Do you see a rapid increase in sales campaigns? Are you directing it in the right direction for your potential audience? Are you getting the clickthrough rate that you expect? Our campaign monitoring solutions can help you answer all your pressing questions. To evaluate the progress of your lead nurture program, we provide excellent insights from trackers placed at every customer touchpoint. Once the tracker data has been exported to CRM, we can use reporting software to create reports for multiple stakeholders. It allows for faster, more efficient decision-making.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

Our E-Commerce Lead Generation Process Flow

VirtualUX is an e-commerce leader because we emphasize transparency in the process of ecommerce lead generation so that you can reach your leads faster than the rest. We follow the following e-commerce lead generation method:

  • Analyse of Requirements

    By working with your sales representatives and head, we complete the assessment of your needs.

  • Building Portal for Engagement

    We will help you improve the quality and reachability of your touchpoints after we have created a lead generation strategy.

  • Capture and Nurture Online or Offline

    We send out fresh, customized marketing content to your inbox. Then, we call you to ask about your needs and educate you on how to make decisions.

  • Conversion of traffic into subscribers

    Our goal is to increase your web traffic and sales inquiry rate by qualifying responsive traffic into leads that can be contacted.

  • Set up an appointment

    Our sales representatives match ready-to-contact leads with sales reps so that leads can easily be converted for sales.

  • Delivery of the Lead Database

    Segmenting leads that meet your sales criteria and qualify for the most are made into a standard lead database. You can choose to receive the list in the format you prefer and add it to your CRM

Why Choose VirtualUX for e-Commerce Lead Generation Services?

VirtualUX is synonymous with lead generation. Why? We’re committed to helping you expand your company. We offer a range of e-Commerce lead-generation services that will allow you to increase your client base and build loyalty. We provide various e-commerce lead generation services that will help you improve your client base.

  • High Quality and Accuracy

    Our business ethics include ensuring quality. We run quality assurance checks on custom campaigns and offers that reflect your value proposition to make sure they are accurate and connect with the intended recipients. We also verify that the campaign works on all platforms and devices.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    You need to meet your lead generation goals quickly. Our company is the end of your search. VirtualUX ecommerce lead generation solutions are quick and easy to render. You will be grateful for the high conversion rate of every sales meeting with leads we have qualified for your ecommerce needs.

  • Scalability

    VirtualUX offers appointment settings that will allow you to prepare your ecommerce business for the booming traffic or diversifying markets. You don’t have to let your valuable leads go to other companies when you can keep them as loyal clients by sending relevant campaigns directly into their inbox. VirtualUX can help you achieve scalable results in e-commerce lead generation.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Do you want to feel at ease with an agent who can guide you through the process of lead generation? Imagine if you could instantly get help, without having to wait on hold. We aim to do this. You can count on our single point of contact to resolve all your issues quickly.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the high cost for lead generation? Do not worry if you are feeling overwhelmed by the high cost of lead generation. We offer a range of affordable appointment options for e-commerce. We have designed our solutions keeping in mind the underlying requirements of e-Commerce businesses.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is constantly being upgraded to meet current requirements. Cloud-based technology, security, and database infrastructure are used to enhance the speed and accuracy of lead generation services.

  • Software Tools for Lead Generation

    Our specialists are experts in the use of state-of-the-art lead generation software. This allows us to harness the power and efficiency of AI/ML to perform repetitive tasks that could otherwise consume your knowledge workers’ time.

  • 24/7 availability

    We are available 24 hours a day to answer your calls, emails, and chats. We are always within arms reach so you will never feel isolated while working with us.

ECommerce Lead Generation Services to VirtualUX – A Leader in Call Center Solutions

VirtualUX has been a leader in e-Commerce lead generation for 2 years. We believe in honoring the commitment we made to ecommerce companies that trust us with their skills and resources in order to grow a strong following in the digital space. We provide a variety of call center services that will help you increase your lead generation and ROI. Our services are affordable and accessible to all e-commerce businesses, regardless of their budget. You can also use our contact center support to ensure that your team is always in touch with us. Other services include appointment setting, mortgage lead generation, lead generation for startups and lead generation for startup companies.

We can help you increase sales and customer volume.Contact us today to learn more about our e-Commerce lead generation solutions.

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