There is no better way to get feedback from customers about how your product/service is doing or how you can improve your customer service. Customer satisfaction surveys are often overlooked by companies. They give you an exact measure of how customers feel about your products/services.

In spite of technological advancements in other areas, customer satisfaction surveys remain a powerful tool for businesses to grow and manage customer relationships. You can gain valuable insight into your business’ potential growth and customer acquisition by incorporating a feedback collection and analysis system into your sales/marketing cycle.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

VirtualUX customer satisfaction survey services

VirtualUX is a specialist in customer satisfaction surveys. This includes survey setup, data collection and scanning, reporting, and analysis. We are available to assist you if you need an experienced partner to grow your business.

We have the necessary experience and expertise to create and analyze customer satisfaction surveys. The following are the components of our customer satisfaction survey process:

  • Survey setup

    Our first efforts are to understand your business and goals, and then design the survey to achieve those goals.

  • Survey design

    Survey design is the process of taking the elements from the survey plan, designing questionnaires, and other feedback collection mechanisms that will garner as much feedback as possible from your customers.

  • Information collection

    You can use any of the following survey collection methods: Telephone surveys, online customer satisfaction surveys, email surveys. We can determine which method we use to distribute the survey questions based on the nature and scope of your assignment.

  • Reporting and analysis of surveys

    Based on your project’s nature, statistical tests such as ANOVA or Correlation analysis can be performed on the data. Data mining is used to extract data from databases. For you to understand the results better, they are presented as tabular data and graphical charts.

  • Data entry and survey scanning

    Our expertise in Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) allows us to quickly convert data from various formats. We also offer OCR and ICR services and have access to the right tools to reduce the time it takes to capture and convert data.

What can be measured in an online customer satisfaction survey?

Online customer satisfaction surveys offer flexibility because they can be used for any aspect of your business. These data can typically be gathered from customers through customer surveys.

  •    High-skilled, professional employees that add a personal touch to the sales opportunity.
  •    What are their problems with the product/service?
  •    Find out how your product/service does in the market. Gather sales numbers
  •    Are there new markets that the business can address?
  •    What can you do to improve customer service in your company so that your customers are better served?
  •    What are the customers or user reactions to your website? Navigation, content, etc. What is your customer’s reaction to your website – navigation, content, etc.
  •  Surveys of employee satisfaction measure the satisfaction levels of your customers, which are your employees.

For customer satisfaction surveys, please Contact us and we will be glad to speak with you. On request, customer references are available.

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