With the increase in demand for various products on the market, order taking has become a prominent business. Customers no longer have to place orders after seeing advertisements or visiting a seller in person. Order-taking services are now available to satisfy the customer’s curiosity and give them an edge on the market.

Order-taking services are available to any organization. You don’t need to have it in-house. A third party can take over. Many order-taking service providers now take orders from companies through franchisees who can then take orders via toll-free numbers that are specific to their company. VirtualUX stands out among the many order-taking service providers because it has proven its effectiveness time and again.

VirtualUX One of the most trusted providers of offshore order-taking services in the world, we can guarantee that you get professional services at a reasonable price.

VirtualUX Order Taking Services

VirtualUX These online ordering services are available to you:

  •    Live order taking via toll-free numbers 24×7
  •    Online order taking services that combine live order taking service with online ordering
  •    You can send messages quickly via fax, email, and pagers.
  •    Streamlined Services: In which streamlined call reports are dispatched promptly at the time scheduled
  •    Clients can request customized services.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

Benefits of Investing in Order Taking Contact Center Services

Although there are many benefits to investing in a phone order-taking service, these are the most prominent.

  •    You can reach a wider audience with an order-taking answering service in a very short time span.
  •    After seeing the advertisement, customers can place a phone order to get more information about the product.
  •    After speaking with a live voice, customers can get all their questions clarified and have a lot more clarity.
  •   Call center order taking services have an advantage over automated orders systems because it adds a personal touch that helps to build trust with your customers
  •    Online ordering can help you increase your profits significantly
  •    Order-taking service for call center order Taking helps retain customers and help you gain new customers.

Order Taking Service Providing Capabilities at VirtualUX

VirtualUX All the necessary skills to provide phone order taking services, such as

  •    Operators representing the product have a great understanding of it and all its features.
  •    You must have excellent communication skills to communicate the message about the superiority and value of your product to potential customers
  •    You are able to answer both expected and unexpected questions with confidence
  •    Loyalty to the product requires dedication
  •    You need the patience to deal with many potential clients without being frustrated

What do our order-taking customers need to provide?

VirtualUX To provide exceptional order-taking services, we will need to know a few details. To be able to provide exceptional order-taking services, you will need to:

  •    Include all details related to the product and the guidelines for product promotion
  •    You can monitor the service and let us know if it is being delivered in a professional manner. If not, we will request the upgrade of the service to meet your needs. This will allow our call center order taking specialists to improve their performance and deliver the best results.

VirtualUX – Your ideal order taking services partner

VirtualUX can give you and your company a competitive edge.

  •    High-skilled, professional employees that add a personal touch to the sales opportunity.
  •    For a better understanding, a quick and thorough review of the product is recommended.
  •    Services that are cost-effective and available on time
  •   Highly trained and experienced operators that provide the best possible services
  •   Service available 24×7
  •    Ability to handle large volumes of phone traffic at all times

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