Outsource Call Center Technical Support Series

VirtualUX’s technical support centers have evolved from simple call handling to business process redesigning. The IT Help Desk evolved into the integrated Service Desk. VirtualUX has demonstrated its ability to provide technical support outsourcing for both voice and non-voice calls, both onsite as well as offshore.

Pakistan Technical Support: Global Contact Centers

VirtualUX has evolved from call handling to business process redesign. VirtualUX is creating global contact centres to provide offshore call centre technical support services. The right technology and people skills will allow them to keep up with these changes. Global industry leaders are outsourcing Pakistan call centre technical support to cut costs, transform their business processes and provide strategic business value.

From IT Help Desk to Integrated Service Desk

Outsourcing call centre technical support involves the transfer of voice and non-voice technical support functions from an OEM or vendor to a third party or external service provider.

IT Help Desks and tech help centres aim to provide product information and product use tips, as well as technical assistance via websites that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As companies seek to outsource more solutions from fewer service providers, this role grows. The help desk is now a central part of an enterprise and provides more excellent value for the whole business.

IT Help Desks in Pakistan traditional call centres have been transformed into contact centres or customer information centres (CICs). Technical support now includes telesales, pre-and post-sales, product support, and technical applications and support.

Pakistan customer interaction centres show their strength with Tier-I, II, and III technical support. These support levels include first-level to very high-end support. They are delivered by highly skilled and experienced engineers across various communication channels, including email, phone, and chat.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

From cost centres to profit generators

These highly developed technical support centres signify the shift from cost centres to profit generators and guardians for customer loyalty. They have become a valuable tool for a company’s marketing department. They use a variety of new technologies to provide pre-sales and post-sales call centre technical support services.

Technical Support Service – A Strategic differentiator

Products are often “me too” in a rife world with fierce competition. A company can outsource call centre technical support to help differentiate its product offerings. Happier customers will be more satisfied with their service, get faster responses and solve problems, leading to better bottom lines.

Business today is all about the customer. Future technology trends integrate sales force automation, call centre systems, and e-business to create a single point for contact (SPOC). It is where technical support can be a strategic advantage for your product.

Pakistan IT helpdesks offer a wide range of call centre technical support services to ensure your product is always ahead of its competitors.

Superior service will differentiate your product. VirtualUX offers call centre technical support online.

Information is key to business success

All information sent to the help desk or tech support centre by customers, whether they are asking questions about products or making complaints, is precious. Data can be analyzed to identify trends that will help you make better business decisions.

Analytics tools and data capture tools that can provide real-time reporting, whether every five minutes or half an hour, keep a company in touch with market trends. Business intelligence (BI) can be acted upon in real-time and is crucial to a company’s success.

Stakeholders become active participants

Companies can engage customers, employees, and partners as active participants in their core business processes by embracing powerful new technologies that optimize their business processes. Customers are no longer passive participants in the business. Information can be exchanged between employees and customers to create new business opportunities or proactive business management.

VirtualUX consultants provide excellent helpdesk support.Contact us

24 hour help desk centers in Pakistan: Staffed with qualified engineers

Pakistan helpdesk staff are highly skilled engineers with extensive customer service experience. They are subject to a rigorous selection process to ensure that their abilities match the business requirements of the outsourcing company.

The training takes approximately six weeks and improves customer service and technical skills. Technical support training is intensive and covers specific features and functions of the product, client requirements, business rules, reporting systems, and escalation procedures. It also provides whisper coaching by an experienced mentor.

Enabled by best-of-breed technology

Pakistan technical support centres offer a range of powerful technologies, including:

  •   Optimized internal support process
  •   Configuration of workflows and task automation
  •    Intuitive, collaborative features
  •    Flexibility
  •    Your business’s unique requirements can be met with customization

By outsourcing their tech support to Pakistan, global majors have drastically reduced their costs and improved the quality and service they provide. They have demonstrated their trust in Pakistan service providers with repeat year-on-year contracts.

VirtualUX provides superior call centre technical support services for call centres with world-class infrastructure, reliable telecommunications, quality, and process maturity. Voice support skills and highly qualified engineers with technical and customer support skills are all part of VirtualUX.

Outsourcing in Pakistan is an established industry. Pakistan vendors have worked with global companies for many years, following best practices worldwide and delivering high-quality products.

Pakistan offers 24-hour technical support through a call centre. Get helpdesk support services in Pakistan today.

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