Teleprospecting Services

Are you seeking hired professionals in the field of lead generation as well as building rapport? If yes, you should Teleprospecting services to get high-quality sales leads. Nowadays time is the main limitation for top sales and management. The challenge of finding new customers and sustaining existing clients is becoming increasingly difficult.

The outsourcing of prospecting services to VirtualUX allows you to analyze strategically the vast number of potential customers and focus on the ones who have a buying intent. With our B2B outbound prospecting services, our team of teleprospecting experts sifts through our massive business prospect database to cultivate prospects that meet your criteria for prospecting. The team employs the power of communication and marketing to create a strong relationship between the two organizations. Teleprospecting services will help you reduce time, money and time in producing more efficient business results.

Teleprospecting Services We Offer

As a top provider of Teleprospecting services throughout Pakistan, VirtualUX specializes in creating new market opportunities for businesses by generating leads. Our services include:

  • Lead Generation

    We offer 360-degree teleprospecting services which are designed to assist in creating leads of high quality, sorting through the ocean of prospects to convert them. A carefully selected team of experts in your industry of choice is selected, and they conduct a thorough campaign to find those who are willing to turn into customers. Our extensive database, teleprospecting capabilities and Our marketing automation solutions and our lead management platform on the cloud makes sure that you get only the most qualified prospects who will turn into customers.

  • Setup Sales Appointments and Meetings

    After we’ve identified the leads that are convertible for your company we will also set up dates to meet with the sales staff. In the spirit of “time can be money” and we make sure that we only provide the sales staff with top-quality leads. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that leads convert well and high-quality leads. We keep track of each call made by agents to ensure compliance, transparency, as well as quality control. This allows us to accurately monitor our progress and remain honest about the things we do.

  • Prospect Database Management

    A meticulously researched, thoroughly tested and vetted list of potential customers will make it easier for your company. Our expertise in the area of Teleprospecting services has helped us build a huge database that will enhance your business’s opportunities. Based on your needs and market target we will create a customized list of prospective clients. In addition to the database you have, you may make use of our database. With regular segmentation, validation data normalization and thorough profiling of the data we’ve kept our lead on the market for teleprospecting services. company.

  • Market Research

    At the beginning of their development businessmen are keen to try out its products as well as services. From choosing the ideal market to establishing strategies for marketing, conducting a thorough analysis of market research is essential. Thus, market research for newly established or growing companies is an additional service offered by Teleprospecting services that are provided by VirtualUX. In accordance with the requirements and qualification factors of the company Our team of experts examines the market and analyzes it for you. The primary goal for conducting market studies is finding solutions to the issues of businesses, and help them plan in the future.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

Teleprospecting Process We Follow

  • Need Analyse

    We evaluate and analyze your needs for prospecting, and then agree on a plan of action.

  • Market Profiling

    We develop a customized profile of the market we want to target and then create a prospecting list that is regularly updated and cleaned from time to time.

  • Pitching

    We have a well-trained team who have excellent communication skills and the capability to be flexible and easy in the conversation to create a powerful and effective pitch.

  • Lead Qualification

    We assess the prospect’s buying intention and then assign scores to allow the sales team determine their strategy for prospecting accordingly.

  • Lead Transferring

    We gather all relevant details regarding the hot leads. We either send this call over to our sales department, or prepare an appropriate lead list or make appointments on their behalf.

Why Choose VirtualUX for Outsourcing Teleprospecting Service?

VirtualUX is a top Teleprospecting provider that has a thorough understanding of the market’s dynamics and a thorough knowledge of our clients. Our determination to expand your business’s horizons with effective campaigns, along with vast knowledge of the field gives us an advantage over the other providers of services. Here’s the reason outsourcing the teleprospecting services is the ideal choice for your business.

  • Cutting Edge Technology Infrastructure

    We have state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as cloud-based lead management as well as marketing automation software.

  • Highly-Qualified Tele Prospectors

    We have a large group of highly experienced and knowledgeable telecom prospectors. Outstanding communication skills and an in-depth understanding of the various types of clients allow them to rapidly identify good leads and gather relevant data for companies.

  • Single-point of Contact

    A designated person-on-call will attend to all requests of the project team. The SPOC will be in charge of the process flow of the project and serve as an advisor to clients as well as members of the team.

  • Time and Cost-Effective

    Employing an in-house team of teleprospecting is expensive and requires a lot of effort and continuous monitoring on the part of the company. The outsourcing of the teleprospecting services could reduce time, money and time. The fact that we operate in a different time zone provides us the ability to be available 24 hours a day making our work more efficient and efficient.

  • More Chances to Convert Lead

    As we mentioned earlier our vast database, cutting-edge technology and our team of highly skilled agents will ensure that your sales team receives leads of the highest quality. This increases the sales team’s odds of lead conversion, thereby increasing the number of clients you have.

Teleprospecting Services to VirtualUX

An in-depth understanding of market dynamics and the telemarketing services, generally an experienced team of tele prospectors, honesty in services and quality lead generation are just a few of the factors which give us an edge against other providers of services. We can assist you in growing your business while expanding your market.

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