Due to the unpredictable economic environment, many people are facing increasing debt and financial pressures. A recent market study found that 30 million Americans have difficulty paying their debts and racking up unpaid bills. This has a negative effect on both small and large businesses. If your business is one of these, you will understand the difficulty in recovering the debt and following industry best practices. Not only can debt collection be time-consuming, but it can also distract you from your core business goals and cause you to spend unnecessary money. VirtualUX can help you improve your business efficiency and increase your receivable collection by outsourcing debt collection services. Our debt collection agents are experienced and friendly and can help you streamline your debt collection processes. You can reduce bad debt, increase cash flow, improve profitability, and maintain your brand image while we are there. We understand the need for a collection company that can collect debts from business-to-business and long-term debts.

Our Debt Collection Services

We are a leader in the Pakistan debt collection industry and a leading provider of debt collection services. Our industry knowledge and experience will ensure our performance meets your expectations. Our debt collection outsourcing services encompass

  • Customer tracking and data validation services

    Businesses are often faced with the task of finding customers and debtors who have changed their contact information or become inaccurate. VirtualUX debt management software allows you to access analytics-driven data and an online profile of your debtor that will allow you to track them down.

    A debtor’s profile often includes important information such as contact details, credit-based scores, and other crucial debt collection information. You will get a client-focused, effective debt collection process that can help you reach missing or difficult-to-reach creditors and increase your recovery rate while decreasing costs.

  • Debt Dispute Management Services

    Every business must deal with inaccurate debt profiles. The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reports that 65% of complaints received are related to debt collectors trying to collect debts that have already been paid. These types of occurrences are prevented by our data validation services. To ensure that your business gets the best result, our call center agents have been trained in dispute management.

  • Commercial Accounts
  •  Healthcare organizations and Dentists
  •  Banks
  •  Veterinarians
  •  Chiropractors
  • Landlords
  •  Clerks of the county
  •  Utility companies
  • Early and Late-stage Debt Collections

    We can act on behalf of your company and contact debtors that have defaulted or are likely to default on payments based on credit information. If they do, we will offer them options for restructuring their debt. We know how crucial a solid collection strategy is for the success of your business and will focus our resources on the most urgent issues. Our process is focused on those with the highest debt levels and uses analytics to determine how likely they will pay it off.

  • Debt Portfolio Management

    Our debt collection services can automate critical decision-making tasks by using available information. They can also make important recommendations to modify cutoffs or implement new policies based upon existing data.Our services can help you identify high-risk accounts early by analyzing bankruptcy, deceased, or other relevant data. This will reduce legal risk and maximize your resources to target other debtors. Our debt collection services are perfect for:

  • Debt Collection Call Center Services

    Call center agents have been extensively trained in debt collection procedures and can maintain their composure in adverse situations. Although debt collection calls can be one of the most difficult to make, our collection agents will represent you throughout the process. Our call logs are made available as soon as possible. Additionally, our agents make sure that your brand is not damaged during this process.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. VirtualUX process transformation solves that.

Debt Collection Checklist We Adhere To

Our clients have been using our debt collection services for over 2 years. We have seen every scenario possible in debt collection over the years. We have a checklist that we follow to make sure your debt recovery is as quick as possible. This includes:

  • Chart a Debt Recovery Plan

    Once we have identified which accounts and customers we need to monitor, we gather the POI’s mailing address, postal details, phone numbers, and other pertinent information. This allows us to quickly send collection letters, make collection calls, or negotiate terms for a new debt recovery program.

  • Plan Execution

    Your chances of recovering allowed amounts are decreasing with each passing day. We set up our detailed plan and made calls to all numbers, reaching out in a friendly manner. Customers will listen more to someone who offers them a solution than to someone asking for money. To make customers feel more at ease, we ensure that there are regular follow-ups.

  • Looking Out for the Warning Signs

    We as service providers must first look out for signs of trouble with our clients or customers to decrease the number of delinquent accounts. Many things can indicate trouble, including payments being delayed or missed several times, customers complaining about their business’s difficulties, and so on. These red flags are documented and tracked so that we can be prepared for insolvency.

Benefits of Outsourcing Debt Collection Services to VirtualUX:

The selection of our debt collection team is a meticulous process. They are then trained by experts to help them handle debtors.

Our approach is different than most competitors. We ensure that we give your customers enough importance so that your brand doesn’t suffer. Partnering with us will bring you many benefits, including:

  •  Higher liquidation ratios
  •  Based on the needs of your customers, custom-made debt recovery programs
  • Higher profits are possible through cost reductions
  •  Multi-channel support lines for better efficiency
  •  Call center processes are driven by the best-in-online technology.

Outsource Debt Collection Services to VirtualUX

Many people are affected by the economy. It is becoming increasingly difficult for some to pay for past purchases or services. Businesses like yours are the ones that suffer when these bills go unpaid, especially given the increasing overhead costs.

VirtualUX debt collection solutions are the best if you need a quick, expert solution to a growing problem. We can help you track down debtors and cut costs while protecting your brand’s value.

Contact us immediately to learn more about the many ways that we can help you recover your cash flow.

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