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8 Telemarketing Closing Techniques That Work

Every salesperson would love to have the ability to create the perfect sales pitch, evidently. However, there’s nothing like it.

Perhaps the most important way to improve the quality of your sales calls is to enhance your closing strategy. The final few phrases you give your prospect could be the most important thing you say to them.

Here are some great methods to make an impression that lasts and ensure you seal the deal.


1. There is no pressure, yet

Traditional selling strategies involve placing a bit of pressure on the buyer you are considering.

High-pressure lines aren’t essential (or an ideal idea), but a simple note to remind the leader that time is a limited resource could be extremely helpful (so that it’s accurate).

Polite pressure lines usually look something like:

* ‘This is one the last available items with this cost.’

* ‘There’s a limit of time to avail of this offer, and I do not want you not to take advantage of this offer.

This technique for closing is efficient since it doesn’t place unnecessary pressure on the salesperson. The ‘aggressive selling’ approach is now a thing of the past, and if it’s difficult to get people’s attention face-to-face (which it is, by its own admission), it’s likely to fail either online or over the phone!

2. To summarize

Are you thinking of stopping this call and letting the customer go about their routine? Crazy right?

Perhaps not.

Let your customer know you recognize that they aren’t the only ones who have lives outside this sales presentation – thrilling however it is it shows that you have a genuine appreciation of the needs of a person and potential customers, and it is more likely that you will receive positive feedback from them.

If you suspect that the prospect wants to quit the call, then beat the prospect to death!

If you do this, you are able to end the call according to your own conditions by summarizing the discussions and agreements in the past. Even if you’re not able to conclude the deal, this strategy will at least open the door open for calling once more.

3.Eager Beaver

This closing method may be a bit preposterous, and basically, you act as if the transaction is done and dusted, and you leave it for the prospective buyer to stop from proceeding if they do not decide to move forward.

You could use phrases that include:

I’ll forward the contract right now, and you’ll be able to contact me at a later time; how do you feel about that?

“Seizing the moment” is often beneficial as it can help maintain an optimistic attitude. If you behave like the deal is complete, it will be hard for buyers to go back to the original plan.

This strategy is great when you are aware of whether your potential customer is moving toward a sale. However, if they’re not at a point where they are ready to close, the technique may cause them to withdraw cautiously with this method!

4. Is this the final chapter?

The act of asking questions is a great way to demonstrate to your audience that you’re aware of their needs, and it’s always a good thing!

There are many different questions you can conclude with, and they all can help you sell in an entirely different approach:

  • What does that sound like?
  • What do you think about that?
  • Are you having any questions regarding the topics we’ve talked about thus far?
  • Should we agree to an appointment to further discuss this?

The best question to ask best for your needs (and for each phone call) is essential because potential customers, as well as existing customers, love to be loved. Let them know that you’re aware they might have questions is good manners.

5. Go for it!

Here’s a simple closing method:

The prospect should be asked to place an order!

There’s no reason to not simply “address your elephant” head-on!

“So [prospect’s name do you want to place an order today?”

…is the classic line with nothing new about it. A salesperson is asking a prospect if they’d like to do business.

There’s a common belief in sales (and Telesales in particular) that you must employ clever techniques to trick the client into thinking the call is not really a sales one.

It’s the type of call that sells, and the customer is aware. If you’re speaking to someone who receives many solicitations for sales, they might be impressed by your honesty and sincerity.

6. This is the duration of the project.

It’s beneficial to establish a clear timeline with your prospect. This not only increases your chance of doing future business with them but also provides a clear image for the lead.

The way to approach sales calls is typically easy because you’d like to conclude a sale before the customer decides to change their decision. However, prospects must know what will take place if they decide to make a purchase.

It is important to inform them that:

  • The details that you or they require right now
  • How will the process take place after they submit an order
  • What are you going to do in the near future

For example, you could need to explain to them that if they submit an order, you’ll set up a date to call them back to discuss the next steps and how to get started.

This method of sales communication will show the potential customer that you’re not just going to disappear the minute they make the purchase or pay the bill and pay the invoice, but you’re actually here to provide excellent service and keep your promises.

7. On a more upbeat note

Begin positive and finish positive. In the middle, you have a good time sorting through the technical details, but it is important to conclude the call with a positive tone. Make sure to summarize your message with phrases such as:

  • ‘Thank you so much for talking to me.’
  • ‘Thanks so many times for all your efforts. I believe you’ve made the right choice.’
  • “I’ll get getting in touch with you soon. I’ve enjoyed meeting you

It is also essential if you’ve succeeded in making an offer; however, it is more crucial if you did not, since closing the conversation in a positive way could make the prospect more open to future sales. This can make them more inclined to call you back if they call you again later on.

8. Launch a surprise strike

The act of bringing a decision to the buyer to participate in the conversation is an extremely risky approach; however, it is a very effective strategy.

Traditionally, sales calls are based on an easy formula:

  • A catchy opening
  • Figures and facts
  • Smooth summation

Changing the way you present your information and putting the crucial question early could alter the assumptions of your prospect. Of course, it gives them the chance to reject the idea before they have had the opportunity to explain the advantages of what you’re offering.

This method of closing is particularly efficient when speaking to someone who is naturally solitary and sets up barriers.


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