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Best Practices & Examples of Lead Generation Landing Pages That You Should Consider

Your message is well-crafted, and your offer is appealing, as is your CTA is efficient. You have well-optimized campaigns that draw customers in with compelling offers to click. Your landing page for leads conversion rate, however, is dismal. So what’s up that page views aren’t converting into subscribers, leads, or customers?

Lead generation marketing is heavily based on landing pages that convert well. This is especially true for marketing that involves high-priced items or services. The solution is pretty simple.

If you’re having difficulty acquiring clients, look at our guide to generating leads. Keep studying to discover how to create an effective lead-generating landing page optimized to get results.


What exactly is a landing page for lead generation?

This time between attracting an individual’s attention and concluding the sale is crucial for companies with long selling cycles. The conversion process starts by establishing a lead-capture page. It is possible to nurture leads throughout the sales cycle after you have gathered your visitor’s contact details.

Formulations should be as short and easy to fill out as possible (we’ll discuss the reasons in the future). It is possible to decide to gather additional details about your contacts to create more targeted content. Contact number, the title of job budget, schedule for the need, amount of customers, and company income, for instance, will give you an improved understanding of your contacts list.

Best Practices for lead generation landing pages

Suppose your business is focused on e-commerce, SAAS, or B2B lead generation. In that case, digital advertising is dependent on quality traffic that converts. Without a well-designed landing page layout or layout, your social media, organic search, and email marketing efforts will have a poor return on investment.

Utilize these best techniques when creating and improving your landing pages.

1 . Design of a lead generation landing page

The choice of language and style on lead generation landing pages perform the heavy lifting to draw visitors in and help them move quickly towards the goal of conversion, which is typically an online form submission. They must quickly grasp the main concepts and be convinced to find out more, register, or download immediately. If there ever was an opportunity to engage an expert designer, it’s right now.

Be consistent in the design of your landing pages with all other aspects of your branding. One of the most important rules to follow in good design is to leave plenty of blank space. Ensure you have enough room for your images, text video, or CTA buttons to flourish in an uncluttered, non-distraction background. Be sure your content can be easily scanned and has appealing titles. Graphics, H2s bullet points, and calls to action are utilized to break up large chunks of text.

2. Segmentation of the audience

Lead-generating web pages differ from “core” website pages. Lead capture landing pages are developed specifically for specific target groups. The majority of websites’ pages are designed to serve the entirety of the website’s visitors. As an example, you should not make a separate page.

Create unique page designs for lead-capture landing pages to various audience segments and, if applicable, personas for the audience. Use web page templates to keep the process adaptable. If you are using an acquisition channel or the message you send through the channel is distinct, it is possible to design custom websites for every channel, too.

Each page should be paired with a specific new plan for customer acquisition to ensure that the right audience sees every page. Perform keyword studies to identify the keywords that particular industry would be looking for. The site should then be designed to optimize for the keywords. Create an advertising campaign that uses the same phrases. Create an advertisement campaign for specific websites or a targeted audience using the DSP. It is also possible to use the robust segmentation capabilities of LinkedIn and Facebook ads to create campaigns that are specifically tailored to each type of audience.

3. Capture their attention above the fold

It was once considered the ideal web design method to keep the most important information and CTAs in the upper left corner. Today, people are at ease with scrolling, especially when using mobile phones. This doesn’t diminish the importance of how you can create the ideal viewing experience that is displayed right at the very top of your page. The most effective page for lead generation swiftly draws users’ attention. It forces them to switch to a different site or browse for more.

It is crucial to place the conversion CTA at the top of the page regardless of whether it is further on the page. If you’re using a long-form website, you need to make it easy for users to scroll further down to find out more. Use visual clues or a cliffhanger in your content, for instance. You must remember that the space above the fold functions as your salesperson’s first impression and must draw the prospect’s attention to act – whether that’s by converting or scrolling.

4. Make use of a striking headline

A great SEO copywriting strategy begins before your intended viewers arrive at the page. Your title should also help to tell the story of your page in the SERPs and the advertising copy and every time you mention your page’s landing page.

Here are some tips for creating compelling titles for your landing page pages for lead capture:

  1. Identify the issue that your target audience is most likely to face and the success story which will have the greatest impact on your audience or the topic that is likely to spark their interest.
  2. Be sure the title conveys the overall purpose of the webpage. The headline must then be adjusted until it is captivating, intriguing, and emotional.
  3. Take your time evaluating your title’s potential as a functional headline, then re-evaluate it once the page has been finished. Write down more than a dozen possibilities for headlines. In writing, there is a tendency for more dramatic headlines to come up.

5. Strong message

Create the content on the landing pages as compelling as the title. Use words such as You free, instant new, Why, to convince your visitors. These words cause an emotional response within the brain that can influence decisions. They also emphasize the value you offer. You must also present results from customers similar to the audience you want to attract. Find and address the areas of pain and ensure that your message remains uniform across your pages.

Your messages should remain consistent throughout all customer contact points. Employ specific language to convince visitors to click CTAs. Your page does not meet your promises, and you lose customers. The message on your landing page should be in line with the messages used to promote it.

6. Advantages and offerings

Make sure to highlight the immediate benefits of the offer rather than the general advantages of working with your company. This could annoy or upset the viewers since it’s not what they’re on the site to find out about. Keep track of where your viewers are in the conversion funnel and convince them to take your next step. Focus on the advantages of the e-book; for instance, when you sell CRM software, and your page’s landing page promotes an e-book that users can download by providing their contact details.

7. Captivating CTAs

The most effective lead generation landing pages convince people to act. Here are a few of the most efficient CTAs to get users to fill out the sign-up form or click the targeted action link.

  • Obtain an e-book or whitepaper.
  • Sign up to receive a newsletter.
  • Schedule a demo.
  • Start a trial for free.
  • Reserve an appointment (e.g., webinars or events)
  • Obtain insider details.
  • Set an appointment for a consult.
  • Seek an audit or exam.

When you have your view of what you want to say in your CTA, You can create a unique phrasing. Ensure that your CTAs are short, concise, and focused on action. Design decisions should direct users to CTAs or pop-ups using discretion. Most companies use at least one attractive accent color that stands out against their other colors for branding and emphasizes the most important parts of the page. Eye-catching color is a must in your call to action.

8. Forms that are simple

The goal of your lead-generating landing page main goal is to entice users to apply. Naturally, you would like that process to be as easy as possible. The first step is to select an online form creator that works with your site.

Next, you must find ways to simplify your users’ process. To ensure that lead forms are simple and simple to fill in as you can, ask for the data you need. For example, the client’s name, email address, and perhaps a telephone number. If you’d like more details, change the question to a multiple-choice format.

9. Invoke the sense of urgency

Special offers give a sense of urgency, as they make people feel that they could lose the opportunity should they not take action immediately. Make a schedule for your promotion or campaign and highlight it on your lead-generating landing page. And then, explain to your viewers why they shouldn’t wait!

10. Social proof

Based on The Psychology of Persuasion, one of the most effective ways to influence people’s behavior and decisions is by using social proof. Keep this in mind when including testimonials, reviews, and other forms of social evidence on your landing pages for lead capture to reassure visitors and encourage users to join.

Suppose you’ve earned the trust of major companies or mentioned in reputable media place the logos of these businesses prominently. Visual cues create the impression of being familiar and boost your brand’s credibility. In addition, social proof builds trust and is a crucial element of conversion.

11. Develop trust

People are usually not inclined to complete the forms on these landing pages since they know that they are meant to guide visitors into the sales funnel. How can you ensure that your visitors are sure that they won’t receive emails and sales calls every day? And, if you fail, will you find your name on a list that is then sold to other businesses?

Social proof is one of the methods to increase trust and improve brand image. However, it’s not the only thing customers will search for. In the first place, make sure that your site is secure and that each button and link functions correctly. Next, you must clearly state your privacy policies and how you plan to use your customers’ information. If they are required to enter their credit card number to sign up to try a trial for free, be sure to inform them of when recurring payments will occur and also how they can decide to opt out.

12. Emotional appeal

Emotions initially guide even the most rational of people. They can use rational thinking to decide whether or not to accept the gut feeling. However, the gut sensation must be present before the other decisions are made.

Antonio Damasio, a neurologist, has discovered that in the absence of emotions, people cannot make choices (such as the decision of whether or to fill in the landing page form). Also, emotions are just as crucial to the decision of a person to decide rational thinking in the decision-making process.

Create your landing page to mirror the way people think: trigger emotions first, then use information or logic to justify what you’d like them to take.

13. Check to see if it’s equally as effective on mobile.

A lot of websites get more than half their traffic from mobile devices. It is important to ensure that your website has a mobile-friendly design that is attractive and user-friendly on mobile devices. This is particularly true in the case of paperwork! No one likes filling out forms using their phones, and if they’re not as easy to use on mobile devices as possible, people will leave. While your website may be flexible, you must alter your design for desktops and mobile devices to manage the experience across all devices.

Testing of lead generation landing pages

It is critical to test everything while utilizing SEO to create leads. Here are some best practices for achieving the greatest outcomes.

A/B testing

Check the results of two different versions of the identical landing page. If you’ve found a winner, you can make it your control and continue experimenting with various variations against it. The result will be high-converting leads producing pages due to frequent A/B testing. CTAs, messaging, design options video in comparison to. Image, page length, forms, offers, and headlines are just a few elements that can be tested A/B.

Optimization of Form

The forms you use are vital to test A/B to ensure you don’t gain customers to the final step only to be unable to keep them. Be aware of the number of inquiries your target audience can handle. Determine if it’s worthwhile to secure your data if there’s an enormous difference in conversion rates between a simple form instead of one with additional questions. If the additional questions help protect you from being drowned in leads that aren’t qualified, it might be worth it; however, you need to know the full effect on conversions before making an informed decision.

Intelligence in behavior

Sessions recording, heat maps, and other tools for behavioral intelligence could help you better determine how your users interact with your site. Keep track of the places they go and click, what they click, and the places their attention stays. Behavioral intelligence lets you surpass the numbers and build an image of how visitors interact with your website and allows you to determine exactly the areas where your website attracts visitors or eliminates them.

These pages are the finest examples of landing pages for lead generation.

We looked across the web for some outstanding examples of lead generation landing pages that each stands out for different reasons.


Airbnb’s “Overview” page is brief, simple, easy to read, and clear. Even with the limited content, Airbnb can describe precisely how much hosts can earn using their simple tool. Then, they follow it by writing a landing page that increases their targeted audience’s trust. This landing page contains more content than our first instance, but the smart layout prevents users from becoming overwhelmed. The most important findings are arranged into attractive feature boxes; however, the page’s main focus in the form. The limited use of orange throughout the site helps it easy for the CTA to stand out, and the benefits to the user are clear.


Lead capture pages on Landingi is, strangely it’s a tool to assist in making landing pages. It’s great for a number of reasons. It starts with an animated video that shows how easy it is for customers to create an effective landing page. “I’d want to try it!” The CTA clearly informs customers that they can start with a trial free of charge before making a purchase. However, they do provide pricing information to give transparency. A funnels section outlines one of the latest features on offer by Landingi. This landing page includes the testimonial of a famous marketing expert to give it some more excitement.

How does VirtualUX perform best practices for you when it comes to lead generation landing pages.

When it comes to landing pages of a website for Lead generation, VirtualUX considers all methods because it is one of the key sources of revenue from the website. we work on all elements, creating material with a clear and succinct message that engages the visitor. The design of landing pages is the primary source of visitor appeal as it attracts them to visit the site at least one time.

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