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Up-Selling Cross-Selling

It is crucial for every organization to up-sell

and cross-sell its products and services to existing

customers in order to increase sales and generate more profit. Do you have multiple customers that you can cross-sell or up-sell your services to? VirtualUX is able to effectively cross-sell or up-sell your products and services to existing customers.

VirtualUX can help you outsource cross-selling and up-selling. This will allow you to focus on your core competencies and we will get more business from your customers. VirtualUX is a global company with years of experience in cross-selling and offshore up-selling. We have helped many organizations increase their profits and market their products to existing customers.

Call Center Solutions

Up-selling and Cross-selling Services We Offer

It is crucial to know the differences between upselling and cross-selling. Cross-selling to clients is a great way to increase sales and make more money. Clients know you well and trust you to guide them in their decisions. Cross-selling and upselling are not the only way to make a sale. It is important to explain to clients what they can expect from your offer, answer their questions and resolve any objections. VirtualUX, a leader in cross-selling outsourcing and upselling, is crucial to your sales strategies.

We offer a variety of services, including:

B2B and B2C Up-Selling Services

Our call center team includes executives who are trained to convince customers to buy a higher-quality service/product, or to offer warranties and additional features. Our up-selling services can help you increase sales and revenue.

B2B and B2C Cross-Selling Services

Our contact center agents are highly skilled in communication and persuasive abilities. They can convince customers to purchase related products or services along with the original product they purchased.

Industries We Serve

We have the experience and capacity to offer cross-selling and upselling services to many industries. We cater to the following industries:

aerospace    Aerospace

finance    Finance

customs brokerage    Customs Brokerage

energy utilities    Energy

logistics    Logistics

retail ecommerce    Retail & e-Commerce

defense    Defense

education    Education

healthcare    Healthcare

manufacturing   Manufacturing

telecommunications    Telecommunications

real estate    Real Estate

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Up-selling Services and Cross-selling Services to VirtualUX?

We have been in the call center business for nearly two decades and have enough experience to be able to fully understand your needs and deliver the right services. We offer a variety of services that will make you choose us.

  • Outsourcing cross-/up-selling services can help you eliminate your intermediate supply chain management
  • Outsourcing can help you save money on your resources. These resources can be used for productive work.
  • You will earn their trust by offering services that are beneficial to them. Customers will begin to trust you more and purchase more of your products/services.
  • VirtualUX is home to a dedicated team of professionals who are skilled at up-selling and cross-selling.
  • VirtualUX is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. Our backup support is available to help you through any emergency.
  • We adhere to strict audit guidelines. We ensure that customer support representatives adhere to call center metrics.
  • Our clients receive high-quality, affordable offshore cross-selling or up-selling services.
  • Each client is assigned a project manager who will be their single point of contact. They will also keep you informed about the status of the project.
  • We have the best infrastructure, including the most advanced tools and technologies and unrestricted network connections.

VirtualUX – Your Ideal Online Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Services Partner


I found VirtualUX on TOP of their skills of Lead Generation. It was a pleasure working with them and very satisfying to see Growth in my Business. More than 100% recommendation for them. Faisal Zulfiqar

VirtualUX has been a leader in Pakistan in offering quality cross-selling and up-selling services. Our call center executives will analyze the buying habits of your customers to devise a strategy that allows you to up-sell or cross-sell your products and services to them. Our specialists are trained to cross-sell and up-sell products and services that will actually satisfy your customers’ needs and make them happy.

VirtualUX cross-selling and up-selling professionals have access to fully automated call desks that allow multi-line calling and leased fiber-optic circuits. This allows for low latency of 350-400ms. VirtualUX is your online cross-selling and up-selling partner. You can expect professional services.

Get started today with outsourcing up-selling and cross-selling call center services. We are transparent and help our customers make informed business decisions. Get in touch today!


I found VirtualUX on TOP of their skills of Lead Generation. It was a pleasure working with them and very satisfying to see Growth in my Business. More than 100% recommendation for them. Faisal Zulfiqar